Lead UX Design
The Silvercar by Audi RAC (rent a car) product consists primarily of a consumer-facing responsive web app and native mobile app experience. My responsibilities included design leadership and collaboration for booking flow optimization, new feature introductions such as a loyalty program, and a brand refresh inspired by the growing relationship with Audi, our parent company.
  • Booking flow optimization
  • Loyalty program
  • Brand refresh
Brand Refresh Prototype
Add Coverage & Extras Overhaul
This initiative started with an audit of coverage screens where analytics indicated significant drop off as well as some generative research to figure out: A. which extras and coverage were most common and/or desirable and B. which pricing and packaging structures seemed to provide the best value.
View prototype
IA / Site Map
Sometimes a diagram is needed to get everyone on the same page. Highlighted areas were used to indicate phases and team responsibilities.
Hackathon / AR - Getting to know Audi
Sitting in the cockpit of a new Audi for the first time can be intimidating. My idea was to provide an optional augmented reality cabin tour so new drivers could hit the road with confidence and maximize their Audi experience.


Lead UX Design
At Silvercar, I was initially hired to work on the Dealerware SAAS product consisting of a responsive web app and native mobile apps which streamline courtesy vehicle fleet management at automotive dealerships. I worked directly with the core product and development team to scope, prioritize, and address a multitude of feature requests and core UX pain points captured by the customer success team. My deliverables included customer journey maps, flow diagrams, wireframes, and low and high fidelity prototypes.
  • Navigation overhaul
  • Mobile optimization
  • Billing flow optimization
Mobile Flow Prototype
Billing Screen Update
One of my first projects on Dealerware was to overhaul the pricing/billing UI. The prior experience had a catch-all section for entering charges manually. This update introduced simple action buttons to immediately add charges as well as issue refunds with minimal typing.
Contracts & Nav Update
A few issues stood out on the Dealerware product that were addressed for a better experience. A. The left navigation had fuzzy language and redundancy. B. Important actions were buried at the bottom of the screen often below the browser edge. C. Lastly, a dropdown was added to the end of the contract id to easily navigate to other contracts.
Component Library Initiation / Style Sheet