Atlas Wearables

Design Director
As the principal designer for a small team I wore many hats to help launch a ground-breaking fitness wearable. The challenges were many and multi-faceted ranging from multiple apps and device interface design, to branding initiatives across various media, social, and package design.
  • Multiple apps
  • Device UI design
  • Brand building
  • Package design
Brand Video
I was able to leverage my broadcast and art direction experience to create this video introducing the Atlas Wristband. After writing the script and storyboarding, I worked closely with my friend/director to produce the final work.
Device Interface
With a 128×64 screen, no swiping, and a single side-button, the UX and interface design for the Atlas Wristband was a unique challenge.
Freestyle Mode Device Screens

Atlas Wearables UX – Process Overview

1. Archetypes
Through online surveys, on-site interviews, and market research we developed 3 archetypes within the Atlas audience. Their pain points, attributes and goals informed everything from product content and features to messaging strategy.
2. Sketches
The sketch phase was crucial in helping identify and organize the key product features as well as establish the Wristband to App relationship. Sketching and whiteboard sessions continued throughout development to quickly explore added features and edge cases.
3. Wires
Wire-framing the app helped to further establish the underlying content structure and flow while also allowing a deeper dive into various navigation options and data visualizations.
4. Comps
The final stage of the design process brought everything to life with the Atlas brand colors and relevant data visualizations. Multiple tests were run online and in person to be sure the app was flowing as intended and great care was put into creating and surfacing actionable metrics to help users meet their fitness goals.
5. Iteration / Learning Mode
After launch, the request for more "trackable exercises" was fairly unanimous. Rather than create custom algorithms for 10s or 100s of new exercises we introduced "Learning Mode" which allowed users to teach their device new exercises to track. We turned a business and user problem into an opportunity that fundamentally shifted the user experience and trajectory of the product evolution.
Team Dashboard – Tablet Wireframe & Comp
Atlas Engine App
Package Design