National Geographic / Helix

Geno 2.0 Ancestry App
Helix is a next-level DNA sequencing company that is facilitating the creation of a whole new category of DNA powered apps. National Geographic came on board to launch a native iOS version of their already popular Genographic Project Ancestry product. While studying people in our office who participated in the Genographic web experience, it became clear that the “big reveal” lacked impact. I decided that we should create a dynamic video which would leverage the rich library of NatGeo content to tell the ancestral story of each individual participant.

Once your DNA has been sequenced, you are notified via the app that your results are ready. When you open the app you are presented with an emotional audio and visual journey through your ancestral history, regional makeup and even your Neanderthal percentage. This shareable, custom video is just the beginning of a rich app experience which includes colorful data visualizations and informative copy summarizing your ancestral history and your place in the human story.

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Viral Loop
To better understand the 2 core user journeys and how they potentially influence new engagement, I created a viral loop diagram. Basically it color-codes and describes steps within the journey, how they interrelate and highlights the multiple sharing opportunities.

Customer Journey
I then created a more detailed customer journey based on a key persona. Here I took a deeper dive into the user mind-set and emotions before, during and after the product engagement. I included a more pragmatic row called Methods and Opportunities to highlight touch-points and key communication throughout.

Basic App Flow

App Map Sketch

AR Kit Storyboard
We pushed the scope a bit by introducing an immersive AR experience where users could interact with an ancient migration map inside a cave. The idea was to pique interest with potential customers by giving them a taste of the experience as well as increase the likelihood of prominent app store placement.